Rebundle helps you launch customizable bundles in under a week.

We do the heavy lifting to deliver a signup flow and customer portal experience that feels in brand with your site. No coding needed on your end.

Rebundle is currently under private Beta, please request access at

Once you receive the confirmation that the app was installed, follow these steps:

1. Create the bundle product in your store

This is the product customers will be buying. The price should be the total of the bundle

bundle product

2. Create a collection with the bundle contents

Create a Shopify collection with all products customers can add to their bundle. Note that the individual price of these content products will be ignored on the order.

bundle contents

3. Add the product to the app and set the rules

Items Count

How many items make up the bundle?


Select the contents collection (the one created on step 2)

bundle contents

Advanced Settings

Max per item

Limits the number of items a customer can choose from a single item in the bundle

Multiple Collections

Lets you have multiple collections per bundle and set specific rules for each.

Order Cycle

Lets you define specific days of the week/month when order related events are happening. I.e menu of the week gets published on Tuesday, customers can customize their box contents from Tuesday to Friday, orders are processed on Friday and delivered on Monday.