Do I need to set the bundle price upfront or can it be dynamic?

Currently we only support fixed price bundles.

Are individual items included in the order?

Yes. Individual items are included and a 100% discount is applied, so they don’t count towards the total.

Do you affect inventory on the content items?

Yes, all Rebundle related orders will contain the individual SKUs as line items and will affect inventory accordingly.

What happens if a customer doesn’t select their contents before the order is processed?

The order will be renewed but it won’t have any contents. You can use our “default selection” feature, which allows you to specify a preset bundle if there are no selections.

What happens if I want to remove a product from one of my bundles but there are subscribers who have chosen that product for the next renewal?

Let’s say you are a drinks company and you allow your customers to choose 5 cans with any of the following flavors:

Unfortunately, you have run out of stock for the Lemon but there are 100 of your existing subscribers who selected Lemon as part of their upcoming bundle. Our tools allow you to do a bulk swap, so you can say “For every existing subscriber to the 5 cans bundle, swap the Lemon for Pineapple”.

If Mike has a bundle with 3 Lemon and 2 Apple cans, after running the swap their selection will be 3 Pineapple and 2 Apple cans.

Do you support multiple delivery and renewal/charge days for the same bundle?

Yes, this is possible. Let’s say you run a bakery and your deliveries happen on:

The following rules help you achieve the previous scenario:

Anyone who signups between Wednesday at 12:00 am and Friday at 11:59 pm will get their first delivery on Tuesday and their next renewal will occur the Sunday after their first delivery.

Anyone who signups between Sunday at 12:00 am and Tuesday at 11:59 pm will get their first delivery on Friday and their next renewal will occur the Wednesday after their first delivery.

Normally ReCharge processes renewals at 1 am EST but you can ask them to change that time relative to your time zone

What ReCharge plans do I need to use Rebundle?

Rebundle works on all ReCharge’s plans

Do you work with Shopify Checkout?

Yes. We work with both Shopify checkout or ReCharge checkout.

What ReCharge’s customer portal themes do you integrate with?

Rebundle works on all customer portal themes as well as bespoke themes created via the theme engine.